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Our Vision

Backed with years of experience in the field of education, NE SAPLINGS is a professional school equipped with the modern methodology and a fully trained staff to cater to the individual needs of each child. It gives the best educational experience to the children and provides them opportunities to develop their individual talents, preparing them for a bright and successful future

At NE Saplings, we aim to provide an environment that is loving, healthy yet challenging; where the inherent talent of each child is nurtured and he/ she grows to be a confident, self reliant and happy individual. We strive to develop in each child the desire to learn, the ability to observe and question and to think. Special atmosphere is created so that the child observes, explores, experiments and learns.

An effort is made to inculcate in them the ability to accept others, to appreciate beauty, to pursue physical well being and be kind and loving towards everyone including plants and animals.

Our vision is to provide-

  • High quality and value based education.
  • Opportunities to excel in sports, dance, music and theatre/dramatics.
  • Develop a holistic personality of the child and inculcate a value system based on love, compassion, caring and respecting others.
  • Foster independence.


Story Time

Aiming the Target


Puzzle Time

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