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A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams

Ms. Usha Chopra

Ms. Chopra



At NE SAPLINGS, we aim to inculcate the ‘sanskar’ of learning among our students. That’s the true purpose of education. We endeavor to create love for learning among our students so that they shape their own destinies with wisdom and full awareness.

Education goes beyond the curriculum in our institution. The objective is to develop the mind, heart and soul of a child. Only then every child will be empowered to make a better world.

With the firm belief that every child is born unique and has immense potential,
NE SAPLINGS strives to provide a happy, safe and supportive environment to our children. Here each child is celebrated for his/her talents. On a daily basis, children are invited to question, explore, discover and reflect upon the learning process so that it becomes permanent in their minds.

Years of experience has made us realize that the school and parents are an integral part of a child’s development, especially in the early years of his/her life, when most of the learning happens. Knowing that the school, the teachers and parents are on parallel path of the same journey and with the same destination i.e. to achieve the best for their children, we have a policy of open communication with parents so that our efforts are synchronized and the children can sail smoothly.

At NE SAPLINGS, we find strength in the diverse languages, cultures and experiences of our parents. We value your input and look forward to a strong relationship.

Ms Usha Chopra

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