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Our Curriculum

Backed with years of experience in the field of education, NE SAPLINGS is a professional school equipped with the modern methodology and a fully trained staff to cater to the individual needs of each child. It gives the best educational experience to the children and provides them opportunities to develop their individual talents, preparing them for a bright and successful future

NE SAPLINGS strives to provide an environment that nurtures and supports the children in their magical and most impressionable years. We believe that a preschool sets the foundation for learning. One of the main objectives of a preschool is to develop love for schooling. Every child is unique and has her own potential.Our goal is to retain the natural curiosity and inherent creativity of the child.

The school is now following XSEED curriculum, a 5 step Experiential Learning method. It is based on the belief that learning is based on experience, analysis, action and reflection as compared to the traditional method.

The school provides environment where the child can


Each classrooms is equipped with LCD where the children are regularly shown videos and power point presentations. The classes also have a class library where the child can read or browse through the books.


The children are encouraged to ask questions to stimulate their thinking process.


Age appropriate equipment such as jigsaw puzzles, blocks, link boxes, math-mat and word cards are used regularly to reinforce the concepts.


An environment is provided where the child can explore the world through touch, feel, smell and taste. Field trips, educational visits and cooking activities are organised on regular basis for the students.

Story Time

Aiming the Target


Puzzle Time

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