Our Founder

Mrs. Usha Chopra

Dear Parents,

There are two most vital lessons of parenting. The first is, every child is special and unique and the second is, unconditional love from a parent to a child.

Your child is unique. At NE Saplings it is our endeavour to ensure that these unique attributes are nurtured and developed so that your child can rest on a firm foundation in life.

Life is not a game where there are winners and losers. All children that are in the care of NE Saplings are treated as winners. That way every child wins, feels honoured and cared for.

All children at NE Saplings are given the unconditional support of the teachers so that they can begin the journey of being the very best that they can become in life.

At NE SAPLINGS, we provide a foundation for academics as well as social skills that helps a child to prepare for and succeed in their future endeavor. We provide a balanced environment focusing on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow by offering comprehensive education through a developmental approach.

As Founder of NE Saplings with 56 years of experience in the field of education, you must know that I will always have your child's best interest at heart. The school, the teachers and you dear parents are all on parallel paths on the same journey with the same destination...to achieve the best for each child.

May God bless you and all of us in this sacred endeavour.

Mrs. Usha Chopra